What Will Happen To Larry, The Downing Street Cat?

What Will Happen To Larry, The Downing Street Cat?

by Staff Writer 05-07-2024 | 2:10 PM

COLOMBO (News 1st); With Downing Street likely to see a new Prime Minister soon, questions about one of its most famous residents have been raised. 

The political world’s favourite feline, Larry the Cat, has lived in Downing Street for over a decade after being adopted during David Cameron’s time as PM.

Born as a stray in 2007 – making him 17 years-old – Larry was adopted in 2011 by Downing Street Staff – initially as a pet for Cameron’s kids – Larry quickly became one of the most beloved creatures in Downing Street. 

But questions have been raised about Larry’s ownership as Downing Street faces major changes in the coming days. 

Officially, Larry is owned by Downing Street staff – all of whom take care of him.

No one individual is responsible for No10’s head mouse catcher, who turned 17 in January.

David Cameron explained during his final Prime Minister’s Questions in 2016 that Larry is a civil servant and not personal property, therefore he does not leave Downing Street after a change of premiership. So, Larry the Downing Street Cat, is here to stay.