Drug Suspects Flee Galle Police Custody

Drug Suspects Flee Galle Police Custody

by Mariam Gunawijayah 03-04-2024 | 12:35 PM

COLOMBO (News 1st); Two drug addict suspects managed to break free from the confines of the Galle police cell.

The incident unfolded late last night, and according to police reports, the two suspects exploited a moment of vulnerability as officers were in the process of transferring another detainee out of the cell.

Seizing the opportunity, they bolted from their confinement, and a police officer swiftly pursued one of the escapees, momentarily grasping his hand.

However, the suspect managed to slip away, leaving the officer empty-handed.

As of now, both fugitives remain at large, evading arrest.

The police intensified its search efforts, combing the area and following leads to bring the escapees back into custody.