US hits 85 Iran-linked targets in Iraq and Syria

US strikes 85 Iran-linked targets in Iraq and Syria

by Staff Writer 03-02-2024 | 5:33 AM

Colombo (News 1st) – US forces struck 85 individual targets in 7 locations in Syria and Iraq early Saturday (3rd) that it claims are linked to Iran, in a significant expansion of hostilities in the Middle East, foreign media reported.
The massive escalation came in response to the drone attack on a US base in Jordan more than a week ago that killed three US soldiers and injured over 40.
President Joe Biden said in a statement "Our response began today. It will continue at times and places of our choosing."
US Central Command said its forces conducted airstrikes against Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corp Quds Force and affiliated militia groups.
Iran has denied involvement in the Jordan base attack.
The strikes came from a range of US forces, including long-range B1 bombers that flew in from the United States. Seven locations were hit – four in Syria and three in Iraq – with over 125 bombs and missiles.