UK Election : Labour Party Win, Sunak Concedes

UK Election : Labour Party Win, Sunak Concedes

by - 05-07-2024 | 9:26 AM

AP: The Labour Party has officially won enough seats in the UK’s 2024 general election to have a majority in parliament, as vote counting continues. Labour Leader Keir Starmer will become prime minister and can form a majority government.

“We did it,” Starmer told supporters at the Tate Modern museum in London.

As of 5 a.m. GMT Friday, the Labour Party had won 326 of the 650 seats in the UK parliament, securing a majority.

Rishi Sunak said the British people have “delivered a sobering verdict,” and conceded that the Labour Party has won the election.

Nigel Farage, the leader of the hard-right Reform UK party, won a seat after seven failed election attempts. Jeremy Corbyn, who led the Labour Party into the general elections of 2017 and 2019, has held onto his seat in north London — but this time as an independent.