KOICA Fellowship program - Empowering Career, Strengthening Partnership

by Staff Writer 10-06-2024 | 8:24 AM

Since 1991, the KOICA Sri Lanka Office has been spearheading the KOICA Fellowship program, facilitating countless participants to enhance their skills through various forms of training including invitation fellowship, online fellowship, and on-site fellowship. Recently, specialized training sessions in IT, administration, and agriculture have been conducted for government officials. Graduates of these programs, forming the Association of KOICA Fellows in Sri Lanka (AKOFE), have actively engaged in knowledge dissemination and charitable activities, significantly contributing to numerous institutions. As AKOFE commemorates its 25th anniversary this year, plans are underway for a celebratory event, uniting stakeholders to mark this milestone occasion. 

About KOICA: KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency) contributes to the advancement of international cooperation through various projects that build friendly and collaborative relationships and mutual exchanges between Korea and developing countries and support the economic and social development in developing countries, under the mission of ‘Leave no one behind with People-centered Peace and Prosperity.’ For more information about KOICA, visit www.koica.go.kr

- Media Release