Health Unions Launch TU Action in Central Province

Health Trade Union Alliance Launch Trade Union Action in Central Province

by Staff Writer 13-05-2024 | 11:32 AM

Colombo (News 1st); The Health Trade Union Alliance says a trade union action will be launched centering the Central Province on Monday (13).

The strike will be launched due to the delay in implementing the agreements reached during the discussion that took place on the April 3 and the issuing of circulars omitting certain health institutions during the implementation of those agreements.

Co-Convener of the Health Trade Union Alliance Chanaka Dharmawickrama said the trade union action is being implemented in hospitals and all health institutions in the Central Province from 8 am to 12 pm today.

According to the Health Trade Union Alliance, the trade union action which was initiated on May 9 will be implemented across the island.

The trade union action involves 72 Health Trade Unions including all paramedic staff, nursing staff, health care support staff, assistant staff, health administrative staff and biomedical engineering staff.

Co-Convener of the Health Trade Union Alliance Chanaka Dharmawickrama said laboratory services including X-ray, MRI, CT, ECG, EEG and several other services have been affected due to the strike.

He added a decision has been made to deploy volunteer staff to perform essential and emergency services during this time.

If the relevant authorities do not respond to these measures, the Health Trade Union Alliance has also decided to extend these measures to an island-wide continuous strike in all hospitals and health institutions across the island after May 21.

The Joint Committee of University Trade Unions said the strike launched by trade Unions will continue for the 12th day today based on several demands including salary disparities.

Its Co-Chairman Dhammika S. Priyantha said the protest will be launched opposite universities across the island on Monday (13).

Discussions on the issues related to salary anomalies were discussed between the Minister of Education and the Non-Academic Employees' Union.

The Sri Lanka Veterinary Association said the trade union action launched by the association based on several demands will continue. Its Chairman Dr. Sisira Piyasiri said the association will not support any project implemented by district and divisional secretariats.