Sergeant Succumbs to Injuries After Altercation

Sergeant Succumbs to Injuries After Altercation with Robbery Suspect

by Zulfick Farzan 12-02-2024 | 10:06 AM

COLOMBO (News 1st);  A 51-year-old police sergeant tragically passed away last night at the National Hospital in Colombo, succumbing to injuries sustained during an altercation with a suspect after inspecting an attempted robbery in Gampaha on Saturday morning.

According to police reports, the sergeant was part of a mobile patrol unit that responded to an open door at Sanasa Bank in Malvatuhiripitiya. 

The Sanasabank in Malwathuhiripitiya was under police investigation following a suspected attempted break-in early on Saturday (10) morning.

According to a statement released by the Police, officers on mobile patrol noticed the bank's door ajar, raising concerns about a potential security breach. 

Upon further investigation, officers identified a suspicious individual driving a three-wheeler near the scene and conducted a stop-and-search.

Police spokesperson DIG (Attorney-at-Law) Nihal Thaduwa told News 1st on that day, that the had made a request to step out of the police jeep for a personal hygienic need. 

"Police officers had allowed him to do so. Thereafter, when he was to be placed back inside the Jeep, a tussle had broken out. During the tussle, he had made an attempt to reach the revolver of a police officer. He had managed to take it and open fire That is still under investigation. However, the shot was fired during the tussle. We are also investigating the security breach at the bank. It was observed that the management at the bank had failed to close the doors properly," he elaborated.

Despite the efforts of medical professionals, the sergeant succumbed to his injuries late Sunday night.

A woman was arrested in connection with the shooting on Sunday (11).

Police identified the woman, as an acquaintance of the main suspect in the shooting. 

She was arrested on suspicion of providing shelter to the suspect after he stole a police firearm.

The main suspect, was apprehended on Sunday (11) in the Bingiriya area.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing.