Are monkeys exported to China for experiments?

Are monkeys exported to China for experiments in labs?

by Staff Writer 13-04-2023 | 5:27 PM

COLOMBO (News 1st); Wildlife and environmental protection organizations issued a joint statement claiming that there is a possibility that toque macaque monkeys that would be exported from Sri Lanka to China will be used for laboratory testing.

They point out that there is a high demand for monkeys for this purpose in the United States and European Nations. 

The Wildlife and Nature Protection Association, Centre for Environmental Justice, Federation of Environmental Organizations, and Rare Sri Lanka issued a joint statement expressing concern over the attempts to export toque macaque monkeys.

The statement points out that although authorities claim that the population of monkeys in Sri Lanka is growing rapidly, no study has been conducted to substantiate that claim. 

These organization point out that there are only 18 zoos in China that could accommodate toque macaque monkeys and according to the proposed scheme one zoo would have to accommodate approximately 5000 toque macaque monkeys. 

They stress that, therefore, the claim that these monkeys are exported to be placed at zoos in China is unacceptable. 

The organization question the ethical nature of this proposed program, and request that a proper study be conducted with the participation of qualified researchers and scientists.

The organizations point out that if a mistake is made, the adverse impacts caused by it will last for generations to come. 

They also point out that this is not a time for cheap politicians, but a time for intelligent state leaders.