'Divi Saviya' launched to support Lankan students

'Divi Saviya' launched to support Sri Lankan students

by Staff Writer 17-3-2023 | 4:23 PM

COLOMBO (News 1st); Sri Lanka's Education Minister Susil Premajayanth said that from the 23rd of March school text books will be distributed to all students across all schools in the country.

He was speaking at the school books and stationery distribution program named 'Divi Saviya' organized by the LOLC Holdings on Friday (17).

The 'Divi Saviya' program organized by LOLC Holdings will distribute school books and stationery material to all students.

Friday's (17) program took place at the Ganemulla Sri Sumangala Prime School, and it was attended by Education Minister Susil Premajantha.

This event was also attended by Kithsiri Gunawardena, Chief Operating Officer of LOLC Holdings PLC and Gampaha Zonal Education Director P. D. Nanayakkara.

The program will be conducted under two stages. 

Under the first phase, exercise books and stationary items will be distributed to 1,419 schools with less than 50 students. 

Under the second stage, exercise books and stationary items will be distributed to 1,552 schools that has between 50 and 100 students. 

"School text books will be provided. We have reached around 75% to 80% at some schools. We have given instructions to distribute the school text books by the 23rd of March. Previously it cost us Rs. 4000 Million to print the text books and this time it costs Rs. 16,000 million," said the Education Minister.

The 'Divi Saviya' program is supported by LOLC Holdings.