3 US rappers missing for 10 days

3 US rappers have been missing for 10 days since their scheduled performance was canceled- Detroit Police

by Staff Writer 01-02-2023 | 10:14 AM

COLOMBO (News 1st)-  Multiple Michigan agencies are investigating what happened to three local rappers who went missing 10 days ago after a performance at a club was canceled, Detroit police said Monday.

Armani Kelly, 28, Dante Wicker, 31 and Montoya Givens, 31, who are all associates, were supposed to perform at a club in Detroit on January 21, according to Michael McGinnis, commander of major crimes.

“It’s our understanding that the performance got canceled, and from there – we just have a whole lot of unanswered questions that we are trying to find out,” McGinnis said. All of their phones “stopped having activity” by the early morning hours of January 22, McGinnis added.

“The mother of one of the victims, the next day, made a report of the missing person. That mother became very proactive in the investigation and started searching for her vehicle through OnStar,” McGinnis said.

The mom found the car in Warren, Michigan, McGinnis said, where authorities recovered the car on January 23. By January 27, information about Kelly’s disappearance was spreading throughout the media, McGinnis said.

“We want to find them and get them home to their loved ones,” he said. “Really think about the victims’ families in this case, they have no answers. They don’t know where their loved one is."