Sri Lanka takes aim at underworld, drug networks

Sri Lanka takes aim at underworld, drug networks in Operation Yukthiya

by Zulfick Farzan 21-12-2023 | 5:54 PM

COLOMBO (News 1st);  Public Security Minister Tiran Alles declared the successful takedown of a major drug distribution network, resulting in 8,451 busts over the past four days.

"Our aim was to dismantle the very web that distributes these poisons," Tiran Alles stated, addressing the nation. "Through meticulous intelligence gathering, a comprehensive list of targets was compiled. Within these past four days, we have apprehended 731 individuals directly linked to this network."

Sri Lanka launched a nationwide operation codenamed "Yukthiya," meaning "Justice," in December 2023 to combat the growing menace of drug trafficking and underworld activity. 

Within the first four days of the operation, Sri Lankan authorities apprehended over 8,000 suspects across the country. This includes individuals involved in drug trafficking, underworld activities, and other criminal offenses.

Large quantities of various drugs, including heroin, ice, cannabis, and narcotic pills, have been confiscated during the operation.

Authorities have also frozen and seized illegal assets worth millions of rupees belonging to suspected drug lords and underworld figures.