Sajith slams President's speech

Sajith slams President's speech; Pledges to defend people's rights

by Staff Writer 23-11-2022 | 7:11 PM

 COLOMBO (News 1st) - Sri Lankan Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa slammed the President's extraordinary speech in Parliament today (23rd), calling him "a leader who protects economic criminals and threatens the people".

In a strong statement the Opposition Leader condemned the 'terrifying and barbaric' statements made by the President to crack down militarily using emergency laws on any attempts which may be made for a second Aragalaya (people's struggle).

The Opposition Leader said he vehemently condemned the President's statements and noted that the President is making such arbitrary statements using the power that he obtainedafter the Rajapaksas were defeated by the people's struggle.

"The Aragalaya was by the citizens. The future struggles will also be by the citizens. However, the President says he will suppress those citizens. If the President assumes that the people will be threatened by the statements he makes under the protection of the economic hitmen, while coming to power through the back door, he must look back at the political change which took place several months ago. I request the people not to align themselves with such enraged and humorous statements,"he said.