Cyber Slaves: Sri Lankan Calls for Strategic Plan

Cyber Slaves: Sri Lankan Calls for Strategic Plan

by Staff Writer 09-04-2024 | 12:27 PM

COLOMBO (News 1t); Sri Lanka's Envoy to Myanmar, has emphasized the urgent need for a strategic intervention to secure the release of Sri Lankan youth currently held captive by an armed group along the Thai-Myanmar border.

The area where these Sri Lankans are being detained lies beyond military control, posing significant challenges for their safe return.

The delicate geopolitical context demands a well-coordinated effort to ensure their freedom, said the Ambassador.

Several months ago, it came to light that 56 Sri Lankan youth were being held in this volatile region by the armed group. These detainees were reportedly involved in various criminal activities, utilizing computers as tools for their actions.

Recently. eight individuals who were among those held were successfully released.

Ambassador Janaka Bandara has assured that the rescued citizens will be repatriated to Sri Lanka via Thailand.