Woman clings onto tree for 20-hours in Dambulu Oya

Elderly woman goes missing; Found 20-hours later clinging onto a tree in Dambulu Oya

by Staff Writer 25-1-2023 | 1:08 PM

COLOMBO (News 1st) - A 72-year-old woman was rescued 20 hours after she was carried away by strong currents in the Dambulu Oya.

News 1st correspondent said that the senior citizen was seen walking towards the Dambulu Oya at around 10 AM on Monday (23), however, as she did not return her children had alerted the neighbours and launched a search.

Thereafter, she was found clinging on to a tree near the banks of the Dambulu Oya, braving the strong currents. She was immediately rescued by the locals, and rushed to the Dambulla Hospital for treatment,