Club Wasantha Murder: "Loku Patti" Involvement

Club Wasantha Murder: Investigation Reveals "Loku Patti" Involvement

by Zulfick Farzan 10-07-2024 | 6:42 PM

COLOMBO (News 1st); Seven individuals who were arrested on suspicion of the shooting at Club Wasantha also known as Surendra Wasantha Perera, have been remanded until the 22nd. 

This was after they were presented before the Kaduwela Magistrate's Court this afternoon.

Club Wasantha, also known as Surendra Wasantha Perera, and Nayana Vasula Wijesuriya were killed in an attack by two armed men who broke into a new business establishment at the Athurugiriya junction at around 10 am on Monday.

Wasantha's wife, Menik Wijewardena, a woman named Yomana Kaushadhi, popular local singer K. Sujeeva, and another person were injured in the incident. 

K. Sujeeva suffered severe injuries to her left leg due to gunfire, while Menik Wijewardena, currently being treated at Homagama Hospital, sustained serious damage to one of her lungs.

The investigation into this crime is being led by Deputy Inspector General of Police, Western Province South, Gayanga Marapana. 

He updated the media on the progress of the investigation at the Athurugiriya police station today.

The Deputy Inspector General of Police and other police officers questioned the owner of the business establishment, who is currently under arrest.

According to his statement, the crime was orchestrated by criminals "Loku Patti" and "Una-Karuwe Shantha", who are based in Dubai.

The police reported that Loku Patti facilitated funds for the launch of a tattoo parlour through Mahesh Dhanushka Silva, alias Ketta who is from Balapitiya.

The following a translation of the interrogation of the suspect.

DIG: Who informed you about this initially?

Suspect: Mahesh.

Police: What did Mahesh say after speaking to you?

Suspect: He mentioned about a person, and asked me to contact him.

Police: Did he name that person?

Suspect: No.

Suspect: After that, he inquired about the cost of setting up the shop. I estimated it would cost 1 to 1.5 million normally, but to do it well, around 1.5 to 2 million. He asked if it was profitable.

Police: Who asked? Mahesh?

Suspect: The person who is overseas

Police: Who is this person?

Suspect: Patti. I explained what I knew about the tattoo business's profitability. He told me he'd check and get back to me. Within two or three days, he confirmed and asked if I had found a location for the shop. I hadn't yet, so he told me to keep looking. I make inquiries and I also obtained a quotation from another establishment. I sent it via WhatsApp to him. Then he sent around Rs. 200,000/- to me"

Police: Do you know this person?

Suspect: No.

Police: Who got the Rs. 600,000/- ?

Suspect: I informed that I found a place.

Police: To whom?

Suspect: Patti

Police: Rs. 600,000/- was given?

Suspect: The money was sent to the person I rent a house from. I did not have an account.

Police: What about the Rs. 786,500/- ?

Suspect: That amount was deposited into Pramith's account.

Police: After acquiring the shop, did Patti contact you?

Suspect: Yes, he asked about the opening event. I mentioned Sujeew' and her popularity. He also inquired about Club Wasantha.

Police: Who?

Suspect: Patti. He asked if I know Wasantha. I said I was a fan of Club Wasantha since a child, but I did not know him personally. He suggested contacting him for promotion, sayin that if he can share a post about our shop on his page, we would good publicity. Then he had sent me a screenshot of a number from a Facebook page, and it was his wife's business number.

Police: Did you speak to Wasantha?

Suspect: No, sir.

Police: Why not?

Suspect: I don't know, sir. I was instructed to speak.

The police have gathered more crucial information about the van used by the criminals to escape.

It was parked at a house in the Beliatta area for over three months, which was owned by a vehicle repossession agent or a Repo Man linked to a financial institution. This person has now been arrested.

During the investigation, it was revealed that "Una-Karuwe Shantha" managed the vehicles, while "Loku Patti" was making plans for the business premises.

The seven suspects arrested by the police were brought before the Kaduwela Magistrate's Court under tight security.