General Amnesty for Sri Lankans in Kuwait

General Amnesty for Sri Lankans Overstaying Visas in Kuwait

by Staff Writer 25-03-2024 | 11:10 AM

COLOMBO (News 1st); The Kuwait government has introduced an Amnesty Scheme for residency violators in the country.

The Sri Lankan Ambassador to Kuwait, K. Balasubramaniam, said a general amnesty for Sri Lankans who have overstayed their visas in Kuwait will be in effect from March 17th to June 17th.

Official reports indicate that approximately 19,620 Sri Lankans are currently residing in Kuwait without valid visas. The Sri Lankan embassy has confirmed this number.

Among these individuals, approximately 5,000 people have already registered at the embassy to facilitate their return to Sri Lanka.

The Sri Lankan authorities urge all affected citizens to take advantage of this amnesty and regularize their immigration status promptly.