PM Modi inaugurates India's new parliament

PM Modi inaugurates India's new parliament building

by Staff Writer 28-5-2023 | 3:53 PM

India's new parliament building was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday (28) amidst protests and boycotts.

Several opposition parties chose not to participate, expressing their desire for the President, rather than PM Modi, to open the building.

The new building replaces the previous British-era parliament.

The formal inauguration ceremonies commenced at 07:00 local time on Sunday (28), with Modi unveiling a plaque dedicating the building to the nation.

He later addressed a gathering of lawmakers, emphasizing that the structure represents the aspirations and dreams of 1.4 billion Indians.

He referred to it as the "temple of our democracy," conveying India's determination to the world.

Rahul Gandhi, the leader of the main opposition Congress party, criticized Modi's approach to the parliament inauguration, characterizing it as a coronation ceremony.

Last week, a collective decision was made by 19 parties, including the Congress, to boycott the event.

The government faced criticism for not involving President Droupadi Murmu, the head of state, in the opening of the new building.

Additionally, the opposition parties denounced the decision to hold the event on the birth anniversary of VD Savarkar, a Hindu nationalist ideologue.

While the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) regards Savarkar as a hero, the opposition views him as a divisive figure.

The BJP responded to the opposition's boycott by accusing them of disrespecting democracy.

In a notable incident during the ceremony, prominent wrestlers were detained when they attempted to protest near the new parliament.