President graces Bandula's award ceremony

President graces Bandula's award ceremony

by Staff Writer 17-3-2023 | 7:41 PM

The “Satarawa Deepani” Felicitation Ceremony was held on Thursday (16) and it was held under the auspices of President Ranil Wickremesinghe.

The “Satarawa Deepani” Felicitation Ceremony, was organized as per a concept of Minister Bandula Gunawardena.

During the event, tributes were paid to a group of artists who had contributed to the artwork created by Bandula Gunawardena. 

Veteran artists such as Dharmasiri Bandaranaike, Parakrama Niriella, and Cyril Wickramage were presented with awards by the President in recognition of their contributions.

Veteran artists such as Professor Ariyaratne Athugala, Kumara Thirimadura and Sarath Kothalawala were also appreciated during this event.

The book “Subandhu Cinema Watha,” which chronicles the cinematic career of Bandula Gunawardena, was launched at the event. 

During the event,  “Pragna Bandhu” scholarships were awarded to students who are currently pursuing the G.C.E. (A/L) Technology stream this year.