Police sleuths to assist in shooting investigation

Police sleuths to assist in Uddika Premarathna shooting investigation

by Zulfick Farzan 19-9-2023 | 4:25 PM

COLOMBO (News 1st); Sri Lanka Police informed the Anuradhapura Chief Magistrate on Tuesday (19) that the assistance of the Police Intelligence Service will be obtained in the investigations underway over the incident where shots were fired at the car driven by MP Uddika Premarathna.

In addition, the services of confidential informants and sleuths will also be obtained, Sri Lanka Police told Anuradhapura Chief Magistrate Nalaka Sanjeewa.

The magistrate ordered Sri Lanka Police to immediately arrest the suspects involved, and produce them in court along with the weapon that wasused to commit the crime.

Sri Lanka Police said that statements were also recorded from the two officers assigned to the MPs security detail. 

Sri Lankan lawmaker Uddika Premarathna, whose car was attacked by unknown gunmen, said that the attack was carried out by the 'existing system.'

He told parliament on Tuesday (19) that the existing social and political systems are wrong, and needs to be changed.

The independent MP said that if Sri Lanka does not change its course, it will be impossible to bring it to the level of development experienced in the region. 

The Criminal Investigations Department has taken over the probe into the assassination attempt on MP Uddika Premarathna.

Investigations into the incident where shots were fired at the car of MP Uddika Premarathna were handed over to the Criminal Investigations Department, by order of the Inspector General of Police.

Sri Lanka Police said that the MP in his private car had reached home from the Lahiru Grounds in Anuradhapura, and had gotten out of the vehicle to head inside his residence.

Police said that it was at this time that another group in another car arrived at the location and opened fire.

Sri Lanka Police said that the rear left side passenger seat was targeted in the shooting.

The rear windshield of the MPs car was destroyed.

News 1st correspondent said that police recovered a live bullet from the scene of the crime.

Sri Lanka Police said that it is still unclear who carried out the shooting.

In a special statement to parliament on the 7th of September, MP Uddika Premarathna said that he had decided to become an independent lawmaker.

Uddika Premarathna, who represents Wimal Weerawansa's National Freedom Front, was elected to parliament from the Anuradhapura District from the SLPP.