Unregistered Cadillacs cause social media uproar

Unregistered Cadillacs cause social media uproar; NO clear explanation from customs

by Staff Writer 14-02-2022 | 7:13 PM

COLOMBO (News 1st); Netizens have expressed serious concerns over the sighting of two unregistered Cadillac Escalade Full-Sized SUVs being transported along the Southern Expressway.

Each vehicle costs over 50 Million Sri Lankan Rupees, and duty of over 30 Million Sri Lankan Rupees is due per vehicle.

When News 1st raised questions about these vehicles from Sri Lanka Customs, we did not get a clear response.

Customs Spokesperson Sudaththa Silva told News 1st that information can be provided after looking into the matter further.

Questions are being raised across many platforms as to who owns these vehicles, and how were they imported to the country at a time when a forex shortage has held up over 2,000 freight containers with essential goods at the port?

Shouldn't there be a proper explanation from the authorities over such events?