Police need framework to conduct inquiries: SC

Formulate framework for Police to conduct inquiries: Supreme Court orders IGP

by Staff Writer 26-11-2022 | 9:30 PM

COLOMBO (News 1st) - The Supreme Court ordered the Inspector General of Police to establish a committee to formulate a regulatory framework for Police officers to follow when conducting inquiries into disputes. 

The Supreme Court gave this direction as part of an interim order issued when an incident wh

ere a senior police officer had obstructed an Attorney at Law from performing his duties was taken up in court. 

According to the petitioner, an Attorney, he had visited the Boralasgamuwa Police on the 13th of November 2021 to represent his client at the police station. 

The petitioner stated, while representing his client, Senior Superintendent of Police K.S.K Rupasinghe had demanded that he step out of the room. The petitioner had refused to do so. 

The SSP had then proceeded to threaten the Attorney claiming he will be thrown into a cell. The SSP, using abusive language and behaving in a hostile manner, had instructed other police officers present to seize his phone. The SSP had also informed the Attorney that the police will object to his appearance in court. 

A transcript of what occured inside the room in terms of what was said by the petitioner, the SSP, and several others present in the room (based on an audio recording taken by the Attorney while inside the police station) was produced in court. 

After considering the submissions made in court by all counsel, the Supreme Court directed the Inspector General of Police to put in place a legally enforceable regulatory framework:

(a) With regard to the conduct of inquiries in disputes between parties. 

(b) Ensure that the individuals involved in such inquiry are entitled to be represented by an Attorney At Law of their choice.

(c) Ensure that Attorneys receive an effective opportunity to make representations and represent their clients who are interviewed or being arrested by the police. 

The Supreme Court further ordered the Inspector General of Police to conduct an independent, impartial and comprehensive inquiry into the incident involving the petitioner and Senior Superintendent of Police K.S.K Rupasinghe, and to report to court on the actions taken in this regard. 

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