Media briefing held to create awareness on 'Shilpa Sena' exhibition

by Staff Writer 17-07-2019 | 9:56 PM
Colombo (News 1st): Non-cabinet Minister of Science, Technology and Research Sujeewa Senasinghe had organised a media briefing at the Government Information Department today (July 17). The objective of the media briefing was to create awareness on the "Shilpa Sena" exhibition, scheduled to be held from July 18th to 21st in Colombo. Non-Cabinet Minister Sujeewa Senasinghe noted that they aim to provide an attractive and knowledgable experience to all those who visit the exhibition. He added that the future of Sri Lanka rests on the strength of our products and exports and people are not encouraged to pursue the fields of science and technology. Therefore, he said their aim is to provide entertainment combined with knowledge for the entire family to enjoy for several hours. Journalists questioned as to why they waited this long to launch such a program. The journalist pointed out that it has been more than 4 and a half years since this government came into power and currently the Elections Commission says there will be a Provincial Council Election in October and a Presidential Election in December. Responding to this Senasinghe noted that he was given this ministry 4 to 5 months before and there is no point in reminiscing. He said they should contribute as much as they can with the authority they are given and based on the time he has left and before the so-called elections are held, they will be able to take this initiative to 4 districts. He questioned; "is it not better to implement this in those 4 districts rather than lamenting over the time which has foregone?" The journalists also questioned has to why this wasn't implemented earlier if he felt that this is something essential to the country. Non-Cabinet Minister Sujeewa Senasinghe responded to this by saying that time does not matter. When the journalist attempted to pose another question, Senasinghe requested him to remain quiet until his answer is given. He added that this is a trend they need to change in the country, where the media briefings turn into debates. He said if they lament over the past, they will never progress.