Indian High Commissioner visits President-elect

Indian High Commissioner visits President-elect Gotabaya Rajapaksa

by Staff Writer 17-11-2019 | 9:31 PM
Colombo (News 1st): Indian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka, Taranjit Singh Sandhu visited President-elect, Gotabaya Rajapaksa at his residence in Mirihana, Nugegoda.
Journalist: How important was your meeting with the Indian High Commissioner? Mahinda Rajapaksa: I just met him. I couldn't ask. Journalist: How important are relations with India and China, to your country? Mahinda Rajapaksa: Very important. India and China, they are our neighbours. They have always been our good friends for a long time. Journalist: Who is more important? Mahinda Rajapaksa: Very important, both are important. All countries are important. But India is our neighbour. Journalist: India is your neighbour, what about China? Mahinda Rajapaksa: China is the economic partner.