EU deploys Election Observation Mission in Sri Lanka

by Staff Writer 22-10-2019 | 10:00 PM
COLOMBO(News 1st) - A contingent from the EU Election Observation Mission will commence monitoring activities pertaining to the upcoming Presidential Election, today (October 22). The contingent consists of 30 members and they would monitor pre-election campaigns and activities which would take place, post-election. Dimitra Ioannou, Deputy Chief Observer: "The first important thing to note is that European Union election observation commissions are completely independent and impartial. The EU EOM does not legitimize any part of the electoral process nor does it validate the election result. The mission's mandate is to provide a comprehensive and long term technical assessment on the electoral process. In doing so the EU EOM measures Sri Lanka's compliance with the international commitments it has made through various human rights instruments. The mission will observe the following aspects of the election; the legal framework and its implementation, the work of the election administration, campaign activities of candidates and political parties, the role of state institutions and civil society, the conduct of the media, including social media by monitoring key television and radio stations as well as newspapers and online media, including social media."